Aug 31, 2019

Facial Rollers: Jade, Rose Quartz or Amethyst?

Facial Rollers: Jade, Rose Quartz or Amethyst? Not sure what all the fuss is about? Let me tell you.

Benefits of Facial Rollers

Facial gemstone rollers can increase the skin’s absorbtion of skin care products like serums and oils, they are soothing and can also reduce inflammation as well as provide a deep relaxation, especially when someone else is doing this for you! They also can aid in facial lymphatic drainage, bringing fresh blood and lymph to the skin. These are major skincare pros! Sounds good right?

These could be jade facial roller tools, rose quartz rollers, or amethyst. I have personally used facial gemstones in my skincare practice for over 10 years. I love love love them. When I use these smooth, cool polished stones on clients everyone says, “Oh, this is my favorite part” or “I love this” because it feels so soothing. Now the stones I use are very different from these rollers, and much more expensive. Here are the ones I use in my facial practice.

So does it matter if you choose Jade, Amethyst or Rose Quartz Gemstones?

It depends on your skin.

Benefits of Rose Quartz Facial Rollers

  • Has inherent minerals that your skin can borrow when used such as silicium, magnesium, iron, sodium and oxygen, so it’s like a vitamin supplement for your skin.
  • Stays cooler than Jade.
  • Rose quartz is called the stone of love and is considered to be healing for both emotions and facial healing. This stone emits love and joy.
  • Rose quartz is said to be better if wrinkle reduction is your goal. By reducing facial tension, the muscles and skin appear less lined.

Benefits of Jade Facial Rollers

  • More readily available.
  • Symbolizes longevity and grace.
  • Because jade is a soft stone, it’s not as durable as rose quartz or amethyst.

Benefits of Amethyst Facial Rollers

  • Reduces swelling from injury, which is why I personally use this stone on almost all my clients after waxing or chemical peels or microdermabrasion.
  • Induces deep relaxation.
  • Promotes healthy sleep.
  • Balances nervous energy.

What makes me a skin care expert?

11 years as a licensed Skin Therapist (Esthetician).

Annual continuing education and licensing renewal with my state’s Department of Cosmetic Arts keeps me up to date.

This is a subject I study on a regular basis. All information is a collection of my licensing education, skin journals and articles I have read, as well as continuing education hours. I am passionate about helping people have healthy skin that they are confident in.

I am not a doctor and I do not diagnose or treat illness.

Monica Hicks, Licensed Skin Therapist

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