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Hi there! Thank you for checking out my site. Here is a little more info about me, Monica…

I’m married to my first love, Brent, with whom I have 4 adopted children. My husband is my best friend, and we aim to have a great marriage. Because I believe strong and healthy families being with a strong and healthy marriage, I like to share practical ways to connect with your spouse when raising children.

I’ve worked in the spa and beauty industry for nearly 20 years, and my business was my first baby. I still enjoy going to work 3-4 days a week and connecting with my clients while I care for their skin. I love educating people on how to take care of their skin, improve their skin’s health, and ultimately boost their confidence. Want to check out my spa services and my business website?

I enjoy cooking, being at the beach or mountains, shopping and styling myself and my children, snuggles on the couch with my family, long conversations with friends and writing this blog, date nights, kisses from my kids and spa days.

You can expect to see things like…

  • Marriage encouragement
  • Date night ideas
  • Our foster and adoption journey
  • Skin care and makeup tips

Feel free to email me with questions, collaborations or affiliate information. I’ll reply as quickly as I can. You know, during nap time, lunch break at work or after the kids bedtime. Have a beautiful day.


P.S. You will notice ads and links to products I recommend. I do earn a small commission when you use my link and make a purchase. Thank you for visiting and using my links!

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