Sep 3, 2019

Before & After Eyelash Extensions

I have a LOVE affair with eyelash extensions. It began about 7 years ago when my friend Candace did my eyelash extensions for the first time. I instantly felt sexy and glamorous and just, well, pretty.

For about 4 years I really enjoyed having eyelash extensions. When my friend, who was the only person who ever did them for me moved out of the country, I was excited for her, but a little sad for me if I’m being honest.

I tried out someone else and I liked her fine, but it was just too difficult to get scheduled, and have consistent looking lashes. So I gave it a break for about 8 months and used all the eyelash serum I could remember to use. I had decent results with LashFood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer, 3mL, but I still had the mascara break down problem because of my hooded eyelids and long days looking down at my clients on my table at work.

Now, there are a plethora of lash enhancing serums out there, and if you use them as directed, which is normally every night at bedtime, they do help.


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Ok, so here is the video I did to tell you a little more about why I love eyelash extension. Before and After pics are at the end of the video.

Before & After Eyelash Extensions Video

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