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Dec 2, 2018

What almost every parent wants to tell you about Christmas Gifts

I love Christmas and birthdays, but get overwhelmed with all the stuff that quickly looses it’s luster. I know lots of my mom friends feel the same, so I wrote this list of Unique Family Gifts.  This is what almost every parent wants to tell you about Christmas Gifts. Please share and tag your family members to give them the hint! Any other parents already dreading the piles and heaps...Read More 

Sep 6, 2018

Must Have Items For Young Children

Many of you know we are foster and adoptive parents. These are our Must Have Items for Young Children! We went from 0 to 4 kids in 14 months and we have found some must-have items and resources that have helped us that I want to share with you all. If you are more of a video watcher, I made a video too! Want to read more about our Foster & Adoption Journey? Then click here to read Part...Read More 

Aug 19, 2018

Scheduling Sex

Scheduling sex leads to more of it. So are you having enough sex? Well, are you? We were not. We were often just giving each other our barely awake selves at the end of a long day, and I want more for us. My husband for sure wants more sex. I believe your sex life, in most cases, is a reflection of the health of your marriage. And I want a bangin’ marriage. Pun definitely intended. Talk...Read More 

Aug 12, 2018

Self Care. What does that mean?

Self care. What does that mean? Maybe you have never heard it before, and that’s ok. I’m here to tell you all about it. I got you girl. Self care is managing your life and body with purpose and intention to take good care of yourself. It is not a reward, but a healthy way to take responsibility for your own life and body. Self care done well increases your quality of life, and the...Read More 

Aug 8, 2018

Back to School = Back to Routine

Back to school = back to routine. I don’t know about you, but I have mixed feelings about my oldest going back to school in just a few short weeks. Back to school means back to routine, and I love routine. I love a schedule. If you don’t believe me, check out my family schedule video. This schedule is how we not only survive each day, but mostly enjoy each day. I love knowing what’s...Read More 

Aug 7, 2018

Hello mommas!

            Hello mommas! It’s 2:45 on a weekday, one that I’m home with my kids. They are napping, hopefully, and I’m writing this first blog post. Eeeekkk. I’ve got so much to say and so many things I want to share! What to expect. Parenting encouragement Marriage encouragement Date Night ideas Family Scheduling Fashion for busy women How...Read More 

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