Apr 15, 2019

Infertility to Adoption – Post 9 “1 to 4 kids”

I left off with our sweet baby Mary leaving in Post 8. I also told you not to be too sad about it either, didn’t I? Well I’m going to tell you why now. Aren’t you excited!

Brent and I had told DSS the word NO on two occasions since we had our loss. It was too soon and I had came down with the flu and pneumonia. It was terrible.

So I finally am starting to feel better and we go to a continuing education class at DSS for our foster license. The topic of the class is all about knowing what you can really do when you get a placement call. If you are overwhelmed with your current placement of children or you have a crisis going on, basically don’t say yes, then call a few days later saying it’s too much. It’s too difficult on children who have just lost everything they know, only to get moved again. Seems fair right?

So we had talked about if we were ready that night and we were both still on the fence. We half joked that Essie was getting spoiled as an only child and she needed to have a sibling asap before she became spoiled rotten.

A few days later, on a Thursday to be exact, I was driving home and had an overwhelming sense that we should say yes next call we get. I said ok to God and I headed to pick Essie up from daycare. I get home and begin making dinner.

Then I get a phone call from our social worker. I’m starting to get nervous and excited because I know I’m going to say yes.

Then she drops a bomb on me. She has a sibling group of three children ages 9 months to 4 years old and has not found a foster home to take all three of them! Then she just decided to call us, even though she didn’t think we would say yes.

I went and woke Brent from a nap he was taking to sleep off a headache and told her to repeat what she had told me. We both decided right then and there to say YES!

The next day we went to meet 3 sweet faces and brought the two oldest home with us. They were quiet and I’m sure a little scared. They were also very concerned about baby sister and where she was going and when they would see her again. We were happy to get to see her weekly, at supervised visitations.

We are all about to be together.

After weeks of sickness for Essie and Brent, we got our 3rd bedroom set up and ready for baby girl to join us. The other foster mom brought her to us and we surprised the older two when they got home from preschool that afternoon. They were so happy to have her with us!

The first day we are all together!

Here is our first family dinner as a group of 6!

For anyone who knows my husband and our love of cars, you know he used this many kids as a good excuse to purchase a new-to-us vehicle for all 6 of us to ride comfortably in. Here are Bella and Bryson in the back of his Hicks House Video Wagon.

That’s quite a story isn’t it! Look at these beautiful babies!


Want to read about this journey from the beginning? Here is a link to the first post in this series.

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