Jun 30, 2020

After Sun Skin Care Tips

After Sun Skin Care Tips to help your skin recover and regain health!

  • Use a gentle facial wash, not bar soap or gel soap to cleanse your skin. Use it twice if you have a build up of sunscreen, makeup or oil on the skin.
  • Skip the toner. Using alcohol based products could really dry you out even more than you already are, so unless it’s a rosewater or soothing alcohol free toner, just don’t use it while your skin is recovering from sun exposure.
  • Wait until your skin is no longer pink to use exfoliants or scrubs. Then after skin has normalized, use a gentle scrub to slough off dead, dull skin before it clogs your pores and causes breakouts.
  • Use a hydrating gel sheet mask or light cream mask to boost skin’s hydration level!
  • Use a hyaluronic acid serum to hydrate at the cellular level. (I have 2 options to choose from)
  • Layer on a lotion or cream to lock in moisture and help skin recover from the dehydrating effects of sun exposure.
  • Protect skin with SPF every morning. Using a SPF lotion as your daily moisturizer ensures you never miss this important step. I have about 8 different SPF’s available to help you find the perfect fit.

Not sure what products are best for you? Let me help you. Skin care consultations are available to help you get the ideal products to care for your skin seasonally.

So lets review…

Do’s & Don’ts for Sunned Skin:


Use gentle hydrating products

Use SPF to protect tender skin


Use harsh gel or acne products

Use a scrub or exfoliator until redness has gone away

Pick at peeling skin

Thanks for reading my After Sun Skin Care Tips!

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