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Sep 16, 2018

Cleansing Basics – Double cleansing to get clean and clear skin

Cleansing is THE first step in your skin care routine morning and night, so I want to make sure you know how to do it properly. These are called Cleansing Basics – double cleanse to get clean and clear skin. If you wear any cosmetics then you absolutely positively need to be doing a double cleanse. A double cleanse is a two step skin cleansing process. I first learned about this process...Read More 

Aug 13, 2018

Monica’s Reading List

Monica’s Reading List. What I’m currently reading. I enjoy the escape and imagination that books bring to my life. I’d love to read more frequently than I do, but here is what is on my nightstand currently. I’d love to hear your comments. Each picture is a link to Amazon, should you want more info, just click on the book covers to see the prices and if they are on Prime. amzn_assoc_placement...Read More 

Aug 12, 2018

Self Care. What does that mean?

Self care. What does that mean? Maybe you have never heard it before, and that’s ok. I’m here to tell you all about it. I got you girl. Self care is managing your life and body with purpose and intention to take good care of yourself. It is not a reward, but a healthy way to take responsibility for your own life and body. Self care done well increases your quality of life, and the...Read More 

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