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Aug 6, 2019

Start to Finish: How I Do My Makeup

                I recently videod my entire makeup routine. To organize it in shorter videos, I did a video for each major segment of my look so you can watch the the ones your interested in, or watch all of them if you wish. So here it is, Start to Finish: How I Do My Makeup! Primer, Foundation, Concealer and Powder Here is the link to my fav makeup sponge ever: Original Beauty Blender Blush & Bronzer Brows Eyeshadow Eyelash curling, eyeliner and...Read More 

Jul 15, 2019

How to apply liquid foundation, concealer and powder

This blog is all about how to apply liquid foundation, concealer and powder. I get asked frequently how I apply my foundation, what products I use, and how my skin looks so flawless. I’m gonna share all that with you now! I will show you  how to apply foundation, concealer and powder, step-by-step in the video below. So here is the order of application: Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize Prime Foundation I love to use the Original Beauty Blender Concealer Powder Set Then apply any other color...Read More 

Aug 12, 2018

Must Have Shoes for Fall

Hey pretty ladies. I want to let you know I have done the task of shopping for you and found 3 must have shoes for Fall. These are versatile styles for almost any look. Dragging kids to the shoe department at your local fav store is not your idea of fun, so I did the work for you. I had been trying to make it Nordstrom for like 2 years. I’m for real. Seriously, we live in Statesville NC, and to go through the war zone that is I-77 South to Charlotte is more that I could take. So when I was...Read More 

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